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Jo, mommy blogger and single parent of a precocious 4 year old, is always one more digital like and follow away from happiness. She gets "the break she's always deserved" when Vanity Magazine assigns her to publicly blog about her experience at a physically grueling eight-week yoga teacher training retreat.


Out of shape, fearlessly ambitious, and in no need of "personal growth"– Jo lies to her baby-daddy, her editor and dysfunctional family, turning the lifestyle blog assignment into an investigative exposé revealing dark secrets behind the cult-like retreat's charismatic leader. 


Deep undercover, she succumbs to the guru’s unconventional, humiliating and surprisingly effective directives until she becomes so competent in yoga that she sets a different shiny new goal - to be a world famous competitive yogi!


While on stage at the live-broadcasted National Yoga Championships, Jo seizes the irony of the moment to realize that it's fearless authenticity that will actually bring her and her family happiness.


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